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Electric Insectocutors

Tri star Engineering Industries takes a great pleasure to introduce its line of Electrical Pest Control System for flying insects - "Electrical Insectocutors".

The machines serve as the best non-chemical method to eliminate bothersome flying insects such as flies, moths, mosquitoes and other photopositive insects effectively, economically and safely. These are your indispensable tools as they provide continuos control of flying insects. These machines ensure clean environment in your homes and factories and non contaminated products to your customers. These are electrically operated machines using imported non-harmful special ultraviolet tubelights for attracting insects and an electric high voltage grid for electrocuting them.

You can now say good-bye to chemical based pest control system that unknowingly may be causing more harm to you than the insects.

Industries and organisations using Tri Star Insectocutors are fully satisfied with their performance. The "Bug" family of Insectocutors designed espesially for household applications have found thousands of satisfied customers who were unhappy with ineffective and harmful chemical based systems all these years.


Insectocutors attracts flying insects such as flies, mosquitoes, moths, wasps, beetles, etc and electocutes them instantanly.

Supermarket, Clubs, Resort and Theater, Dairies and Ice-Cream Industries, Restaurants, Hotel, Dinning hall, Sweet and Ice-cream Parlors, Bakeries, Food & Beverages Industries, Pharmaceuticals, Textiles Industries, Doctors, Hospitals, Government Bodies, Printing & Packaging Industries etc.

Effective Range :

Effective Range depends upon the insects to be controlled. Large field insects like moths, hoppers, etc. can sense the light from as far as 30 to 40 ft., flies 15 to 25 ft., whereas mosquitoes and tiny insects 6 to 12 ft., Effective range also depends upon the tubelight wattage. More light output means better insect attraction. Plant to intercept insects at known points of concentration. Ideal locations are at entry points, passage ways leading to and in the vicinity of area to be controlled. To control flies, the machine should be placed as close to the floor as possible because these are normally not found near ceilings. For mosquitoes, the machine is most effective in dark with other lights off. Therefore, Switch on your machine in the evening and keep it on until morning.


  • No Chemicals whatsoever ! No handling, No spraying, No contamination of goods and crops, No unplasant odours and of course No naging insects.
  • The " Insectocutors" works effectively thoroughout without developing insect immunity.
  • Serves as light source too. The "Love- Bug" is ideal as night light.
  • Completely portable. Designed to occupy minimum space with quality finish to provide attractive appearance.
  • Simple maintenance and servicing without distubing electrical wiring.
  • Economical Operating costs very low. Will rneder excellent service for years to come.