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We offer our clients a wide range of Automatic Industrial Room Heater. Our automatic industrial room heater has digital temperature controller, which you can adjust according to your requirements, it save Energy and do not reduce Oxygen from Room.


Automatic Industrial Room Heater

We are offering Automatic Industrial Room Heater.

Temp. Controller: Digital temperature controller, adjust according to your requirements, it’s save Energy and not reduce Oxygen from Room.

  • Model: TS-ARH-03
  • Motor: 1/5th H.P., 1350 RPM
  • Appearance : Unique Design.
  • Heater : 3000w, Long life.
  • Voltage : 220 V / 50 Hz Amp.: 12.5 Amp.
  • Temperature of Wind : 13 – 15 m/sec
  • Power consumption: Depends on Room temperature maintained.
  • Size: Aproxi. 21”x20”x12” Weight: aproxi. 18 kgs.
  • Warranty : One year warranty against any manufacturing defects.